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Release date 2013-12-12
abbreviation Link
Core Algorithm SHA-256
Consensus Mechanism POW
Lane platform 212
Block Time 10 minutes
Mining method CPU/GPU
Official Site https://chainlink-coin.com

Chainlink Introduction

Chainlink is a token, Link is the main network asset of Chainlink network. The tokens will be used to pay the service fee of node operators. With the development of the Chainlink network, Link's demand and price have also increased. You can buy and hold the token, wait for its appreciation; or become a service provider to obtain LINK and convert it into a legal currency.

Chainlink Advantage

So what kind of project is Chainlink? In order to understand the situation of the project, the author interviewed the Chainlink Korean agent Li Yingren and the Chainlink community manager Lauri Panent. Their answers were surprising. When asked about the advantages of Chainlink, their answer was not the "prophet solution", but that "the project was born for safety at the beginning." They said that although Chainlink was vigorously developing the prophet technology of out -of -chain data, the initial goal of the project was to improve the security of smart contracts. They said security is still the biggest advantage of Chainlink.

In addition, Manager Li Yingren also emphasized that Chainlink, as the middle bridge connecting blockchain projects and network application interfaces, has strong compatibility and convenient use. In other words, Chainlink can be compatible with various projects and can easily connect network applications and data.

Chainlink Features

The wide range of applications is a major feature of Chainlink. Recently, it is predicted that machine technology has attracted much attention because of the problems in the DEFI field, but the essence of this technology is to accurately introduce external data into the network and can be applied to multiple fields. For example, to introduce the rights of intellectual property rights to the data on the chain data, it requires the wiring bridge of "middleware". Regarding this issue, Chainlink introduced "44 methods to use Chainlink" to multiple fields in April this year, and introduced the application scenario of prophecy machine technology.